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Social Programs

Excel Computer Education has been working for over 20 years, focusing on giving computer education for empowerment of women, girls and poor people, we do this through Government Scholorship Scheme such as MSME, NHFDC. We connect to many NGOs and participating their activities time to time.

1. MSME Computer Education Programs..

Free Computer Education Programs Conducted at here, in which several computer courses trainings are to give to students and after completion of course, certificates are to be provided under scheme of MSME (Centre Government).

2. NHFDC Programs..

This is a Central Government Development Corporation which works for Person With Physical Hadicapped, in this scheme sevral free computer training programs conducting here. , after completion of training we will provide certificate and scholorship also under NHFDC Scheme.

3. Campaign for Making Agra Smart City..

We participated in program of making Agra Smart City. We made camps in Sadar Bazar Agra, at there our volunteer campaigned and got even thousands of Vote for Agra.
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